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3 Ways Motherhood Changed Me

Being a mommy is such a blessing and has changed me for the better. I want to share with you all 3 ways that motherhood has changed me for the better. When I found out that I was pregnant in 2013, it was a huge surprise. I was working, in graduate school, planning a new life with the love of my life…

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How To Make Money As A New Or Small Blogger

Are you a new or small blogger looking to make money and gain opportunities starting out? Did you know that it is possible?! Well, please believe it is possible! I get emails and messages from women wondering how to 1) start and create a blog, 2) should they use WordPress, Blogger or Squarespace or 3) how can they make money or…

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Every Blogger And Influencer Needs Linktree

Hey, Y’all! I just discovered this new marketing service on Instagram. Let me just say that every blogger and influencer needs Linktree today! This marketing service called Linktree is a game changer for those who use Instagram to direct followers to their links. Sometimes, it can be a pain having to change your link in the bio every time you post…

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Dental Work Safe While Pregnant?

Are you pregnant and in need of dental work? Are you wondering if getting dental work while pregnant is safe?! Well, I’m here to share my experience. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether you want to do it or not. Before finding out that I was pregnant, I knew that I needed a lot of work done on my…

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We’re Pregnant! We’re Having A Baby!

Hey beautiful people! If you haven’t heard the great news, where have you been? LOL well, I’m happy to announce that we’re pregnant!! My little family is expanding and we are expecting a new bundle of joy coming in March 2018! You all don’t understand happy we are that this is happening for us. We experienced a miscarriage this past March…

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Cardi B Should Be An Inspiration To All And Here’s Why!

Yes, you read it correctly. Cardi B should be an inspiration to all of us. If you don’t know who Cardi B is, she is the young lady who raps the song “Bodak Yellow”. If you don’t know what “Bodak Yellow” is either, I’ll just leave it HERE for you to check out! I know you’re probably wondering why I…

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