How To Make Money As A New Or Small Blogger

Are you a new or small blogger looking to make money and gain opportunities starting out? Did you know that it is possible?! Well, please believe it is possible! I get emails and messages from women wondering how to 1) start and create a blog, 2) should they use WordPress, Blogger or Squarespace or 3) how can they make money or gain sponsored opportunities. They are so many people out there who are living the good life (or what it seems) out here on the internet. That can be you too and I want to help with that.


I have been blogging for over 10 years Y’all. I started out on LiveJournal, switched to Blogger for years and now I am with WordPress. WordPress was the best decision I made pertaining to my blog. I am not where I want to be as far as my blogging career goes. I still have ways to go. Slowly, I am making my way there. I don’t have all the followers in the world. However, I’ve gained paid opportunities, sponsorships, and exposure from big brands. There is so much that I know and I am so eager to share. For example, what you need to do to get your blog started, social media tips, and how to gain sponsorships. I want to help anyone who is looking for guidance or assistance on how to start!

I’ve done a lot of research, test and trials, courses and etc. My oh my, things have changed since I started blogging years ago. So I have to stay up to date and in tune with all of this newness lol. I want to keep you up to date as well if you want to take this to the next level!


There are a lot of people who are successful at this. They refuse to share what they know! Or they charge a lot and it’s the same details you can get for free on Pinterest. I refuse to be like that. I am excited to start helping new and small bloggers start today! There are plenty of people dreaming of starting a blog. What are you waiting for?! The way things are turning digital and success is found online now, the time is now! Let me help start today! I have an Ultimate Blogger Start-Up Checklist that I created just for you! It is pretty much everything that you need to know to start your blogging business today! I plan to send out weekly/bi-weekly worksheets and courses. Download the first one today! It’s all yours. I share secrets that you NEED to know that others aren’t sharing.


For an automatic download of the checklist, make sure that you sign up via the pop-up on my main page and it’s all yours darling! Let’s get that successful blog of yours started today! Let’s not wait to make changes in the new year. Make those changes now! And I will be there every step of the way to guide you. Sign up today and let’s make magic happen! 🙂


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