Fenty Beauty Foundation in Dark Shades Are Selling Out | Beauty Companies Take Note!

Rihanna really outdid herself with her Fenty Beauty By Rihanna line. Her foundations in dark shades are selling OUT at various Sephora stores. I must say it is a beautiful sight to see! As a woman of color who is a darker tone, it can be hard at times to find the perfect shade to match my complexion. With this line, there is literally a shade for everyone, white, black, light and dark!

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I recently read an article that touched my soul. It was about an albino woman. She found the shade within the Fenty Foundation line that matched her skin complexion! It almost brought a tear to my eye Y’all. It feels good to know that someone was kind enough to create a line, especially foundation line where there is something for everyone! Our prayers have been answered!

To keep it real, I peep a lot of things on social media. I’ve noticed something a lot of beauty companies have been doing. I noticed an increase in promotion and emails advertising their foundations showcasing ranges of dark shades. Granted, MAC Cosmetics, Maybelline, and a few others have had a range of dark shades. Honestly, nothing can top Fenty Beauty right now as far as the range of shades goes. Point blank. I loved the fact that Rihanna and her team recognized that there needs to be something for everyone! Speaking of, I remember something that I used to see a lot in the past. I recall seeing companies cater and create products for skin tones that fit the “beauty standard” in the mainstream. Honestly, it’s like a slap in the face. There should be products that cater to everyone.

It’s fine that companies are showcasing their “many” shades of foundations all of a sudden. I hope that this movement will open the eyes of big or smaller makeup companies to see that WE (Women Of Color) are just as powerful. Our dollars are powerful. We are a strong and special breed of women. That’s why God created us so fearfully and wonderfully literally. No debate. Black-owned companies like Black Opal, Iman, Juvia and etc. are ahead of the game catering to various shades. Personally, they need just as much support as this line and other companies as well.

My humble prayer is that this movement can and will open the eyes of beauty companies to be more aware and knowledgeable about ALL consumers at hand. When you know better, you do better! Let’s hope that more companies will take note and do better when it comes to diversifying their products!

Again, thank you, Rihanna.

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