Cardi B Should Be An Inspiration To All And Here’s Why!

Yes, you read it correctly. Cardi B should be an inspiration to all of us. If you don’t know who Cardi B is, she is the young lady who raps the song “Bodak Yellow”. If you don’t know what “Bodak Yellow” is either, I’ll just leave it HERE for you to check out! I know you’re probably wondering why I said that she should be an inspiration to all and I’ll be glad to explain.

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A lot of people aren’t aware of her upbringing and her backstory. She is currently 24 years old (soon to be 25), from the Bronx. She was once an employee at an Amish market in New York City but and started pursuing stripping. Most would agree that stripping is not a positive lifestyle for young women out here. But she stated that it changed her life and kept her away from a lot of negativity in her life. Her lifestyle allowed her to make and save money to escape her situation and to get an education. She did drop out of college but then utilized social media to shamelessly promote herself and put her creativity out into the world. While doing so, she began rapping, putting out singles, mixtapes and etc.

In 2015, she joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York during the 6th season. I wasn’t into Love and Hip Hop anymore at that time but I do remember hearing about her a lot and she is the only one I remember distinctly from that series. She was what they called “the star of the show”. A lot of people knew that she was going to go places because of filterless attitude and hustle. Fast forward to 2017, she drops “Bodak Yellow” which is the hottest song right now! It is currently #2 on Billboard and if it continues to stream heavily this week, it will reach #1! It is played heavily internationally and continues to rise to the top of the charts every day. Not to mention, her endorsement deals are taking off plus she is showing up to big events with A-List stars.

Honestly, it took me a while to like the song but the more I listen to it, the more I like it and it kind of motivates me for some reason lol!

The icing on the cake to me is Janet Jackson dancing to Bodak Yellow at her concert! Janet Jackson is a legend and she included Cardi’s song to be played at her concert. That right there is life goals lol! All and all I say all of this to say, Cardi B is doing her thang right now! But people have to realize is that she is not an overnight success. She was grinding and hustling when no one knew who she was. No one gave her a chance. No one took her seriously. She kept going and didn’t give up because she knew in her heart she was going to make it one day! Now, look at her now. There’s no stopping her right now in my opinion.

People can hate on her all they want and talk about her speech or loudness. But unlike most people in the world, she is being her true authentic self, which a lot of people lack in this world!

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The reason I said she should be an inspiration to all is that she started from nothing and became something. We all have dreams and aspirations to be great one day! It may seem like it’s taking forever, people aren’t supporting you or no one is taking you seriously. But that shouldn’t discourage you or be the reason you give up on your dreams. And it doesn’t matter what you did in your past or where you come from. The people with the worst pasts create and are blessed with the best future! The people who are quick to judge you on your past or what/who you used to be are the ones who don’t prosper. They’re the ones who sit back and watch you prosper before their eyes then want to know how you made it. #bloop

Even though Cardi B didn’t have the best past and upbringing, she made it through her storm and is reaping the harvest that she has been sowing all of these years. The same can and will happen for you too! It may not be the same path as her because we all have a specific journey that we are on. But whatever you are going through or have been through, just know that your time is coming. I tell myself this every day that MY time is coming. Heck, sometimes people don’t see it until they are in their late 30’s or 40’s. Great things come to those who wait and work for what they want! People have to realize (including me) that things just don’t happen overnight. They happen with consistency, hard work, and most importantly, faith!

So keep God first, work hard for what you want and stay focused on what you want. And before you know it, you will see the harvest of what you have been sowing all of this time! I’m not a diehard fan yet of Cardi B (although I do like Bodak Yellow lol) but I can honestly say I am proud of her and others out there who are finally getting the shine and credit that they deserve!


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