Work With Me.

Sponsored Post: is open to receive sponsorships from businesses, brands, and/or organizations that she supports, believes in and knows that her viewers would benefit from. She enjoys sharing and showcasing products she loves using. will share and showcase your product in the utmost and honest manner and be of any service to your brand.


Giveaways and Product Reviews: enjoys giving away items to show her appreciation to her viewers and to display the benefits of the products. She is open to receive any amount of products to giveaway and share with her viewers.

Retreats, Conferences, and Events: is open and willing to attend events that she supports and believes. She enjoys attending events to expand her knowledge and understanding of the brand and products. To be a guest speaker or special guest, please contact & cc:

Any other request, is available. Whether it be freelance writing, photography sessions or anything else, feel free to contact at cc:

*Media Kit available upon request