We Were Pregnant…Our Miscarriage Story

Hello, beautiful people. As you can see from the title of this post that this is going to be a tough post to type. I have been away from my online duties because I experienced one of the hardest things a woman can experience, a miscarriage. It was every unexpected and happened so fast in a short amount of time. As I’m typing this, I would’ve been 11 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, that came to an end two weeks ago.


This experience has been very hard, painful, confusing and emotional. Just the thought of me typing about it is making me feel emotional because I never thought in a million years I would go through something like this. After plenty of negative pregnancy test, I wasn’t sure when I would get pregnant again. I knew something wasn’t wrong with me. I just wasn’t certain of the timing. So I just let go and let God take the wheel. When we finally got the positive test, I was so happy that it finally happened. I had no idea my happiness would turn into sadness over time.

It has been a process to come to peace with all of this. One minute I’m okay and having an okay day. Next minute, I am an emotional wreck. In due time, I will feel normal and become super strong from all of this. I get discouraged at times but never defeated. This was an unexpected situation that occurred in my life but the Lord is still in control and still faithful. He knows the reason for it and I know in due time, our rainbow baby will come.

My husband and I decided to share our experience on my vlogging channel. This was one of the hardest videos I’ve ever done. But I wanted to share with my beautiful subscribers my journey so they can know why I was MIA but also open up more about my struggles. My husband is very supportive of my dreams and work. He was the one who encouraged me to share our experience.

He stated “People want to see real life stuff, not stuff that’s edited or always going well because that’s not how life is. Yes, we have more good times than bad times but we go through things just like any other couple. So let’s share our experience. Plus, your YouTube and blog are like your job so I want you to get your strength back and create those videos you love to make.” When he told me that, something inside of me clicked and I said okay, I may be down but I am going to rise from this and continue doing what I love.

If you would like to know what our miscarriage experience was like, feel free to check it out HERE or down below. I am going to move forward from this. I don’t want to talk about it for long as I am trying to heal and become stronger from this. So feel free to check it out and if you’ve been through this, feel free to share with me your experience. Rest peacefully Baby Wise. Until we meet again… <3


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