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How I Survived The Teething Toddler Stage!

Hello beautiful people out there! I know there are some mothers out there who are going through probably one of the hardest stages of raising a kid, the teething stage! Can you imagine the pain that a baby goes through having those little chompers break through their gums?! Poor little ones! Well lucky for my hubster and I, our teething…

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Why I Decided To Go Natural…Again!!

Hello beautiful people out there! I wanted to come and share  with you all why I am going natural for the second time. If you haven’t read my blog post about my Natural Hair Journey the first time around, You should check it out ( To keep it short, my intention was not to go natural. It was either get…

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Is Life/Success Really A Competition?

I don’t know why or how this topic even got in my mind or heart but obviously it’s for a reason. One thing about me is that I don’t say much but I notice a lot of things that most people wouldn’t. For instance, I can spot a person dancing in the middle of traffic from a mile away because…

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Foods To Try When Visiting New Orleans!

Hello, beautiful people there! If you don’t know, One of the things New Orleans is known for is their amazingggg food! I mean everything that we ate there was fantastic, even the corner store chicken and Cajun Seafood restaurant was amazing! Some things were different because it’s something I am not used to but overall, everything was well seasoned and…

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DIY Lace Skirt | Fashion Friday (Sewing Tutorial)

Hello beautiful people out there! Happy Friday and Spring to you all! Right now it is snowing in DC/Maryland/Virginia so it not very spring like here! But Oh well! So I came up with another idea in my head. I have had my eye on these lace skirts lately and I LOVE them so much! I just like how classy…

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Protective Styling For Natural Hair! How to Style Faux Locs

Hello beautiful people out there! So I got tired of wearing my weaves and stuff as a protective style so I decided to get faux locs once again. This has got to be one of my favorite hairstyles ever. I did them on my own. It took me two days but 4 1/2 hours overall. I started and stopped to…

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