Life With A Three-Year-Old: Surviving The Trying Threes

In today’s blog, I am going to share with you all my life with a three-year-old and how I am surviving the trying threes phase. When I first became a mom, so many people warned me about the terrible twos. Year two came and it was a breeze. I thought Year three was going to be a breeze but boy was I wrong.



Maddie is my life. She brings me so much joy. She is so loving and caring. I am so thankful for her because my life is so much better with her in it. It is a blessing to be her mother. However, every day isn’t Peaches and Oreos. She has her moments when she doesn’t want to listen. She throws random tantrums, she doesn’t want to go to bed in her own room and etc. The only time we can use the bathroom in peace is when she is with her Grandparents. Also, she can be a little sassy when she doesn’t get her way. Sometimes, she doesn’t want to eat her broccoli because she would rather have carrots or none at all. And not to mention, she will fall asleep in her bed but when we wake up, there’s a little human in our bed.


Although this phase isn’t perfect and trying at times, this phase is kind of fun. She is still small enough to be my little baby but she communicates with me. I know it’s weird but only moms will understand. She is so fun, kind and has so much energy. I used to be the one with so much energy and always bubbly. Now, I think she took all of that out of me. To be honest, I actually love having a three-year-old. Like I said, she is still small enough for me to hold her and cuddle with her. But at times, I do miss holding her when she was a newborn. Her little hands and body make me feel like she is still my little baby though. Her personality is like no other and she is growing up so beautifully. three-year-old

For moms out there trying to survive the “Trying Threes” phase, hang in there. It is not easy and it gets hard at times but we are built for this. They are just going through their own little struggles just like we do as adults. Only their struggles consist of not getting their way, eating yucky foods or being cranky from not getting a proper nap. All in all, they are developing into their own and they need all the love and comfort from their parents. If you find yourself unable to survive this phase, here are three tips that are helping me get through:

  1. Be patient. As stated, they are growing into their own person and their personalities are forming by the minute. We have to be mindful that they are humans with feelings at the end of the day. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and frustrated, take a deep breath, walk away for a quick second and just woosah. Remember, troubles don’t last always lol.
  2. Self Care. Yes, we are responsible for a little person but don’t forget to take care of you too. I used to put my daughter first in everything that at times I forgot about myself. Today, her needs are met and I can take care of my needs as well. So now, we’re equal.
  3. Be Thankful. Being a mother is not easy. Honestly, it’s one of the most challenging yet rewarding blessings I’ve received. I have always wanted to be a mother. When I was blessed with this desire of my heart, I told myself no matter what I am going to be thankful for this blessing. So many women desire to be mothers but struggle with fertility issues, have had multiple miscarriages and etc. My heart goes out to you all and I am sending baby dust and prayers your way. I don’t take this role for granted. It is hard at times, but I know that I am built for such a time as this.trying-threes

To my moms out there with Threenagers, hang in there girl! Things can only go up from here. Before you know it, our kiddos will be driving and going off to college and you’re going to wish they didn’t grow up so fast. So enjoy every moment, good and bad and know that you can and will survive the “Trying Threes.” 



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