At Home French Tip Pedicure Using Press-On Toenails

Hello, beautiful people! Let’s talk about how you can achieve the perfect at home french tip pedicure using press-on toenails! I know you all have heard of press-on fingernails. Press-on toenails though?! When I saw these at Wal-Mart, I almost passed out because I absolutely love french tips on my toes. But it can be a challenge doing it by yourself, especially when your white line doesn’t come out straight. Talk about embarrassment. And a basic pedicure at the nail salon cost around $25+. You guys should know that I am all about saving coins and finding beauty on a budget. This here is definitely a game changer and I think you all should try it yourself.

kiss press-on toenails

It comes with 24 nails inside, nail glue, a mini file and nail stick. Everything you need to give you the perfect french tip. Also, the good thing about this is that it comes in various sizes. Our toes come in different sizes and shapes so this pack has the size for you, if not very close to it!

kiss press-on toenails

All you have to do is:

Find the right size for each toe

 Add glue to the toe,

Press the nail on for five seconds,

Twist the tab off,

File the top of the nail,

Tada! Perfect Spring and Summer toes, for only $6.00!

kiss press-on toenails

I’ve been wearing these press-on toenails for a year now. Well, they haven’t been on my toes for a year lol! They usually last about 7 days. There will be times where you will have to add a new one because one may pop off or it’s time to change all of them. Each box can give you a month’s worth, with proper care.

If you looking for an easy and simple way to give you the perfect french tip at home, these press-on nails from Kiss are the way to go. They have other designs as well but you can’t go wrong with a Frenchy tip lol. These are perfect for vacations, weddings or a night out when you don’t have time to do your toes! Get your life and get you some! You can get them right from your local Walmart, Target and other drugstores where beauty products are sold! 🙂


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