3 Ways To Keep Your Vagina Happy and Smelling Good

Hello, beautiful people! This post is so out of my comfort zone but I feel is necessary. Let’s talk about ways to keep your vagina happy and smelling good down there! Our vagina, also known as the love below is a precious gift. It is powerful, strong but sometimes can go “left” if we allow it. So in today’s post, we’re going to discuss ways to keep it happy, smelling good, and what you need to stop doing to make it happy and smelling good!


Our bodies go through constant changes in life. It changes as we get older; when we have children and etc. Sometimes, those bodily changes can affect us negatively internally which can cause some changes to happen down below. At times, it is at no fault of our own but with proper care and dieting can make all the difference.

1) Proper dieting. People don’t realize how important is to pay attention to what we are allowing into our bodies. I know some people can eat fried chicken all week and be okay. But it won’t always be like that so enjoy it while you can. I say all of that to say we must make sure that what we are putting in our bodies are healthy and nourishing to our internal being. Sometimes, we don’t realize that what we put in our bodies can cause certain odors and odd bodily things to happen. So just make sure you are paying attention to what is entering your body as well as watching the amount going in!

2) Proper Hygiene. Now, this is a biggie. I know sometimes we get so caught up with life and feel tired and overwhelmed at the end of the day. Depending on the situation, missing a night from a shower is okayyyy. But after day two, that’s trying it lol. You need to make sure that your vagina is getting clean and properly nourished every day. Think about how many times you use the bathroom a day. Sometimes we use the bathrooms in public settings, at work, and at people’s homes. You want to make sure that you are washing your precious gift from any germs as well as from all the tissues that may get caught up in there (yuck lol.)

Oh, and definitely make sure you wash down after making loving. Not cleaning yourself properly down below(and urinating immediately afterward) leaves room for yeast infections, UTI’s and random odors to arise. So after you’re done doing the do, make sure your gift is back to feeling good, smelling great. šŸ˜‰

Oh, Oh and definitely make sure to clean “her” up very well during that time of the month. We all know mother nature has no chill when it comes to that time of the month. But you don’t want to be that one to open your legs and make your neighbor pass out. It’s real out here. So yes, make sure you are washing “her” well and changing your pads and/or tampons as often as needed!

3) Proper Products. Now this one here is a major key. I know a few women who have experienced odors and other things down below. From that, they resort to using feminine soaps and sprays such as Vagisil, Summer’s Eve and etc. Not saying anything is wrong with that because it happens. But just make sure you are aware of the chemicals that are in the products that could cause more harm than good. I tried Vagisil shower gel soap one time before and it worked for the most part.

Over time, I stop using scented soap in my love below area. Just thinking about the chemicals used to create the scents turned me off from wanting to continue to wash down there with it. Once I stopped doing that, I washed my whole body with my usual shower gel and/or soap and used a separate rag with just water. From that, she is clean, refreshed and non-irritable from any chemicals. So if you are using scented soaps or anything of that nature and are experiencing irritation, yeast infections and etc., you should consider not using anything scented or strong down below if you can avoid at all cost. I’m telling water and a rag is your friend! Use it and watch your life change before your eyes lol!

Let me know how do you take care of our love below!


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